Attaining, Maintaining PeaceNovember 3, 2007, and November 11, 2016 now found and restored!

The concept of Peace for my world is very elusive. You can have peace as the world offers but that is an ineffective false peace. Is it a true Peace as the Peace that my Son Yeshua left with you? Is it the Peace that is listed in the Bible as is that ‘Passes all Understanding’?

Philippians 4:4-7 states, “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice! Let all men know and perceive and recognize your unselfishness, your considerateness, your forbearing Spirit. The Lord is near! Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving continue to make your wants known to God. And God’s Peace shall be yours, that state of a Soul assured of its salvation through Christ and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever that is that Peace which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Yeshua.”

There is a lot in this scripture as I look back on it now after so many years. We would do well to examine the words that God has used in Philippians to understand the FULL CONCEPT of being at Peace and not in fear. Words such as rejoice bring God, the words recognize your unselfishness and considerateness cause you to feel better about your humility. Words such as thanksgiving cause God to hear your prayers with petition and wants brought up before God with every circumstance. Please do not read the scripture as old dry words or mimicking of the scripture without listening to your own words, read it out loud; or as practiced feeling as with religion as repetitive but feel the words. I had to get that in there, now on to the teaching.

This scripture is an IF – Then scripture. You have to give up your anxiety about all things in your Life and then God can come in and give you the Peace that the world cannot know of. As God will now state as He takes over, it is a Love that the world knows not of. It is a Peace that exists in My (Gods) Love for you. It is a Peace that I have said does not exist in the world and that means that you cannot find it here where you exist if you chose to exist only in your Body and Soul and not process your Love for self and for Heaven with Me as God and for My Son Jesus as your Savior and Perhaps take unto yourself The Holy Spirit. The world has traps and illusions that appear to be Love and closeness but they are not.

If you have peace from money, the money is illusive and it WILL NOT follow you into Heaven. The people with money will many times tell you in truth that the money did not in fact bring them Love or Peace but distance from others and immersing doubt of the intentions of others. I have said in my word in the Bible that the ‘Love of money’ is actually the root of all evil.

If you have peace from your accomplishments I will give you a humble shot right now. I am the originator of all things and I allow all things. ALL of your accomplishments come from ME as God and my Grace and Mercy for you in your Life that I as God have provided for you. When you come to me I will ask you how you did with all of the talents I gave to you and did my Love and Peace find you or did the world’s false love and accolades seduce you which will Not follow you into Heaven. In other words if you depend on yourself you will have only yourself to be unto.

If you have chosen the peace of religion as in the practiced traits of your Soul that have been practiced over and over; I as God will give you a surprise now. You do NOT have the Spiritual Peace that Yeshua (Jesus) died for and brought back from Heaven for all of My Children then you will not have sustainable, maintainable peace. The religions of this and all days lull people into sedation and makes them used for the purposes of control and manipulation and profit, yes profit. Have you seen any religion that was NOT interested in gaining your money? That is not Peace or Love or Me as God period. You need the Peace and LOVE of Heaven, not of the world. You as well do not have to finance superstructures of man’s egos and false spirit.

There is a wonderful thing that you realize within your Spirit when you are aware of your Salvation, It is getting it into your Soul and Body and into your Lives without the falseness of the world that is the difficult thing. The Peace that sustains your Life that you need to carry with you in your day to day without the worlds call to get frazzled when the car breaks or the bills mount up or the people you depend on betray you. It is Peace when illness strikes or adversity comes on you? Do you notice that these are all world things and I offer an answer to all of them in these teachings and the result is attaining and maintaining Peace and that peace passes all understanding?

I have a Peace for you in your Lives that is sustainable and carries you into Heaven. It is the Peace of Father Son and The Holy Spirit. This Peace has gifts and fruits that the world knows not of. This Peace is the Peace of walking in adversity through adversity, illness, betrayal with Heavens ways NOT world’s ways. This will bring you into and unto My victory in your Lives. I have planned each day in your Life, am I surprised when adversity descends upon you? No, I have these things brought into your life to challenge the true Peace (Heaven) or peace (world) you can maintain. Maintain with Christ. My Peace comes to you through your Lives within My Love for you.

Do you truly perceive that Love I have for you? Are you angry at me for the things I have taken from you or the trials or tests I have put you through? Are you truly praising me for the trials I have given to you to make you stronger? A good parent strives to make their Children stronger by pressing them to their limits at times.

Help me to make you stronger by taking my Love upon you with Peace in a true way. Find this Peace in My word today and meditate on the possibility that I can make you My Light.

I Love you Always, Father God

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