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New A new Poem called "I Choose To Forgive" has been added here. Also a newly found Teaching called "Attaining and Maintaining Peace" has been added here

New Thank You for your Faithfulness. Please read the Teaching on Emotions and feelings and now that I am over many trials I will endeavor to add the many things God has inspired me with. Blessings.

New I have been very ill for quite a time, God Our Father is Faithful and I am getting better slowly. I WILL have more things for you soon. Thank you for your Prayers and Faithful reading and using of the website There is actually exciting things coming for I DO NOT QUIT.

New There are new things coming; but we must help to support, in prayer, words and through the email connection below, the man that brings these words.

New The year 2003 is DONE! Enjoy the reading! Keep Checking The Website As More Things Are Coming - Blessings! here

New Long Awaited Teaching to Free You - 'Thank You For Your Prayers' here

New Writings added for 2003. Many Beautiful Words. Thank You for being Faithful here

New Teaching on "Opening Your Doors to God" here

New Teaching on "Choose Joy" - More 2002 Writings/Updates Coming Soon. Blessings To All here

Prayers page updated!! here

'Whats News' --Many More Writings for 2001 added and more coming soon! here

2012 and 2013 years are in! Still Around! More Coming! here

New Writings Entrance Page Explaining Things here

More Writings added from 2001! soon to be all Done! here

All 2000 Writings Now In! 2001 Writings Coming in a Short Time here

New Prophecy, Changing and Shaking, God Has Much To Say here

New Prophecy from Father, 'I See All' A Prophecy about 'rapture'. here

New Prophecy of Love from Yeshua! - Blessings to All in Our World as Father Watches Us here

What does Father Really Do? here

New Old Prophecy added from 2006 here

New Old Prophecy added from 2008 here

Testimony 2 added, Check out what God does! Blessings here

New Teaching on Tricks of evil and Help For Them here

New teaching on Word, False Word and Lies of World. More to come

New Prophecy, This is Truth, This is Love, This is Power, This is Life here

New Prophecy, This is Now here

New Prophecy, The Sun Cracks, here

Brand new Prophesy, 'Shaking everything that can be Shaken' New Prophesy Writing

Thank You for your continued website viewing. Blessings

New Prophesy writings added

Adustments made to teaching page

New poems here and new arrangement of poems page

Thank You for your Prayers and continued viewing of the Website

New testimoney page added here.

More years writings are added here.

New Teaching arrangement now here.

More to come, As always, Thank You and Bless You. A Father's Call

There are two new Teachings
now for freedom here for you. One on Betrayal and another on Soul Wounds. Also carefully read the teaching on Sacrifice, How do You Love You, it sums up a lot of all of the Teachings, God's Jewel.

Welcome and Blessings!
We have a new server and we have added much new content to the site! New Poems, Teachings, many more writings and more to come! Each month will bring new things for you and for God. Keep watching, praying.

Added 2 new teachings on Fear, re-organized the teachings under the correct sections, updated the writings area and added all of the 2002 writings here.

Added all 2006 Writings here.

Reorganized the teachings into Spirit Life, Soul Life, and Flesh Life .

Good News! We're back in business, and the 1999 writings have been updated with 7 more entries. Soon to come: more Writings and Teachings!

Blessings! 2 more teachings have been added. One on "Disappointment", and the other on "False Spirit". The 1999 writings have also been updated!

God Bless!! New Teachings and Writings have been added!

Added some new Teachings and updated Writings page.

Added a new teaching on your Spirit

Two more Teachings have been added...the newest is on the main 'Teaching' page, the other can be found here.
** I've also posted the full year of writings for 1998 (found on the main Writings page).

Added another new teaching here

Added a new

Added more Prayers, Writings, and Teachings.

Newest writing has been added!

Poems have been added. Updated some code to site.

Starting to update more sections of the site!

Launching of the website.


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'A Father's Call' Blessings and Welcome to ALL!

Thank you for being so Faithful to this website for these ten years since the beginning and throughout the severe changes that we have all had to go through to gain the true information from God Our Father. God the Son and God The Holy Spirit.

I will try to put the previous Home pages I have had as I can find them into the testimony pages for those of you that are visiting the Website, 'A Fathers Call' for the first time so that you can have an idea of what the transitions have been to the birthing and progression of the Website. In the meantime there is the What's News box that explains many of the changes for you.

I am truly sorry there have not been new teachings and writings and poems to help you along in your Walk to God as of late but I am beginning to feel better from many illnesses and I will try my best to bring all I have forward to the website for your information and hopefully your delight in Faith and Belief and Love.

I will explain in the testimony and Teaching pages soon what has happened to me that caused me to step aside for a time all the while the website continued along and gathered people and visitors and downloaded thousands of documents. I have not added new things to the website for a time and that makes me frustrated and even grieves me; something that Father has to heal in me and bring me to Peace for at times I do not know peace as I should.

It brings me Peace when I can bring the thoughts and words and ideas of God to the world by this website. Things had come about that withstood me and side tracked me. The Love and the 'Call' I was asked to be faithful to in ever greater levels as I learned and grew and gained God's and all of Heaven's Love was distracted as I said for I feel the information is freeing to all.

Father, Yeshua, (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit have been faithful with all of the Heavens to help heal me. Then the darkness fiercely resisted the new writings and teachings and poems and prophetic words within me that had already been written but not published to the website yet and the world with medical problems came in the way of my true Love, God My Father and all of the Loving Heavens. You may wonder how the world can have such a deep impact and how darkness can have such a deep impact on a man of Faith who tries to turn to God each moment of my Life but it did happen to me.

As in the two new Teachings, Emotions and Feelings and another redone lost Teaching Attaining and Maintaining Peace; another new Poem on Forgiveness and now this new Home page I am beginning to catch up on the lost things including how I felt. I hope you all enjoy the new things for there are more to come to help in this world to help build your Faith. I am still recovering but there are words of God to bring forth. Change is coming.

Again Thank You for your Faithfulness and Continued Prayer support. I will begin bringing the years writings from 2011 up to 2016, at least a few writings from each year so that you can see that I am still writing with God and all of the Heavens learning each day and being inspired and Loved to share with the world the wonderful gift I have received. These are wonderful writings but difficult to transcribe onto the website. I will continue to try.

Blessings to All, 'A Fathers Call'